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Max International Unique Business Opportunity

Max International is a US based company, open in 18 countries around the world, and expanding quickly.  Our Mission is to empower people with better health, success, and significance, by providing high qualify products that solve people’s problems, and an income opportunity that is significant for those who choose. Max business opens you to two distinct opportunities.  The first is an opportunity to enjoy better health for you and those around you.  And second opportunity an extraordinary opportunity for people who are dissatisfied with their current financial situation.  People who would like to build a business of their own, regardless of their current situation or background.  Max International offers anyone the chance to achieve their financial goals – whatever they might be. 

How Max Business Works

Living the life of your dreams with Max requires committing to a simple business model of buying few products every month, introducing others that are willing to do same and Training them, thereby building a large team of committed Associates.

Therefore guaranteeing enviable multiple streams of income through commissions and bonuses from one business.


Personally Entolled


2nd Generation


3rd Generation


4th Generation

Build a Team of Committed Associates on the Power of 10

Personally enroll 10 people that are committed to replicating your efforts by enrolling 10 others. The ARRT model is enhanced by your ability to teach and impact the understanding of the model to your team, everyone committing to teaching and mentoring 10 people.

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